20 oz. Crystal Clear PET Plastic Cups 600PCS/CASE



  • 20 oz.  plastic clear cups are great for cold drinks like ice coffee, smoothies, bubble/Boba tea, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water, sodas, and juices.
  • High-quality – Made with only heavy-duty crystal clear durable PET material plastic which is 100% BPA free.
  • Elegant look – Rolled wall rim helps maintain an upscale feel and appearance and makes it a great party cup.
  • People friendly – Does not absorb liquid and is crack-resistant with no sharp edges in sight.
  • Upgraded day – Sipping your daily drinks from these elegant plastic cups will add some energy and excitement to your day.


20 OZ PET Clear Plastic Cups 

We know quality shines through clarity and that being eco-friendly is a must, not just a choice. Our cups are designed for businesses like yours, aiming to blend smooth operations with deep care for the environment. These cups are a clear sign of your commitment to quality and sustainability. Serve your customers and show dedication to a better planet with every sip.


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